"Bits and Bytes" logoAs a computer/technology education consultant for the Winnipeg School Division (in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada), I was the creator and editor of a monthly, educational newsletter entitled “Bits and Bytes”. This newsletter’s focus was “to provide educators with tips and techniques to help them integrate technology to enhance learning in K-12 classrooms”. For the first 10 years, this newsletter was sent, in hard copy format, to a select number of “contact” teachers in each of our 77 schools. However, superior networking and sharing of ideas became possible when I began publishing our “Bits and Bytes” newsletter on the web at: http://www.wsd1.org/bitsbytes/ and readers began communicating and sharing ideas electronically.

[Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, the above link to my on-line “Bits and Bytes” educational newsletter no longer works. Readers, who click on this link, are greeted with the dreaded “404 error” indicating that these resources can no longer be found at this address. However, if you wish to explore the old copies of “Bits and Bytes”, you can do so by using the Wayback Machine archive system. To help you with this endeavour, I have provided instructions in the last section of my post entitled “Back to the Future – The Wayback Machine”.]

My wife and I, with our combined 72 years of teaching and educational consulting, are both life-long-learners. We both believe in the power of the “ASK” acronym which may be defined as “always seeking knowledge”. Having recently retired, we must admit that we both miss the opportunity to interact with students and dedicated educators and to foster the sharing of ideas which improve the learning process for all.

When I recently retired, many of my colleagues asked if I would continue writing and publishing “Bits and Bytes”. After 23 years as editor, I had to admit that, unfortunately, I would be unable to do so. I explained that it was the interaction with students and educators, in my role as an educational consultant, which afforded me wonderful opportunities to learn and to share. Often an innocent question would lead to the development of an article which would be shared with others through our newsletter medium. However, when I first began investigating blogs, I decided that perhaps the two-way opportunity for sharing ideas and gaining reader feedback through comments might help provide the necessary stimulus for me to share educational ideas and resources. With this in mind, we created our “Life-Long-Learners” blog. I trust that the articles and resources, together with our readers’ reflections and comments, can provide a beneficial and useful web resource for K-12 educators.

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I admit that my email address appears to be somewhat cryptic. It is displayed in this format to help reduce the amount of spam that I might receive as a result of  “bots” or “spiders” attempting to harvest my legitimate email address from my blog. Please retain the two hyphens in “life-long-learners”, as my domain name does include these two characters, but convert the other three <character> entries to create a conventional email address. Thank you for your understanding.

Take care and keep smiling 🙂 … Brian Metcalfe

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