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Teacher Feature #34 – Holiday Thoughts

Today, K-12 students are on their winter break in Manitoba. Tomorrow, many of our students’ families will celebrate Christmas. As a result, a good number of our youngsters will return to school, in the new year, having received gifts which … Continue reading

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Are eight-letter words twice as offensive?

What does one do when time is a critical factor and one is challenged to accomplish two different tasks in two different environments? Well … some might get uptight and vent their frustration, by swearing, using profane, “four-letter words”. In … Continue reading

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Get Animated in the New Year

Creating animated GIFs can be an engaging educational exercise. Students can be challenged to use a computer to draw a series of related, progressive images that, when blended together, create animation. Background Twenty-five years ago the Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) … Continue reading

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‘Excel’lent Maths Problem Solving Puzzles

When I taught middle years Mathematics, I found myself intrigued by the different ways students solved puzzles. Classic puzzles, such as the following problem, use letters to represent numbers which can be displayed as simple calculation problems in disguise. One … Continue reading

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Reflect, Review, and Rap

At this time of year, many educators are looking for review projects or activities that will really engage their students. In addition, many teachers know that using technology can help students review concepts in all subjects as well as meet … Continue reading

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