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“Sharing Is Caring” – A story worth re-telling!

Although this tale has already been documented in my earlier posts, this powerful, inspirational story needs to be regularly shared with educators and their students. Alan Levine (aka @cogdog) has challenged DS106 and ETMOOC participants to share “True Stories of … Continue reading

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DS106 – The weeks in review – Jan 1-27/2013

As Sunday midnight fast approaches (perhaps on the West Coast), I find myself documenting and, more importantly, reflecting on the various learning opportunities that I have been engaged in during the first few weeks of the DS106 Spring term for … Continue reading

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DS106 Tasks: You Snooze – You Lose!

I’m having fun learning how to create animated GIFs with frames extracted from digital video. In fact, with practice, and the support and feedback of my DS106 learning community, I think I am getting better! I created this animated GIF … Continue reading

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Free Motivational Educational Posters

An old adage states that “a picture is worth 1000 words”. Based on this premise, what teacher would not want access to an innovative resource of educational posters worth 207,000 words? Recently, I serendipitously chanced upon Krissy Venosdale’s amazing resource … Continue reading

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Are eight-letter words twice as offensive?

What does one do when time is a critical factor and one is challenged to accomplish two different tasks in two different environments? Well … some might get uptight and vent their frustration, by swearing, using profane, “four-letter words”. In … Continue reading

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Learning – Motivated by MOOC Madness

I believe in serendipitous learning. For those educators who are connected online, or consider themselves to be part of a professional learning network or  PLN, such learning opportunities present themselves with regular frequency. Readers who have followed my blog for … Continue reading

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The eyes are the windows into the soul

You might ask, like my wife, why am I enrolling in the DS106 course again. Didn’t I get my “fill” of on-line learning a year ago? The simple answer is that there are gaps in my learning that I want … Continue reading

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Get Animated in the New Year

Creating animated GIFs can be an engaging educational exercise. Students can be challenged to use a computer to draw a series of related, progressive images that, when blended together, create animation. Background Twenty-five years ago the Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) … Continue reading

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Jess McCulloch: Poetry, Pedagogy and Passion

Jess McCulloch is an innovative educator from Melbourne Australia. Through her creative Rhyming for Teacher Learning endeavour, Jess used crowd-funding to help raise travel funding to attend this past summer’s UnPlug’d educational summit in Ontario’s Algonquin Provincial Park. [] I … Continue reading

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Bumper Stickers Tell A Story

Before I became engaged in the digital storytelling DS106 activities, I had never stopped to consider that there are stories that are told through bumper stickers. Furthermore, unlike my writing style, the bumper sticker text is usually fairly succinct based … Continue reading

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