DS106 – The week in review – Feb 14-20/2012

As the Sunday midnight chimes strike, I find myself once again documenting the various learning activities that I have been engaged in during this past week. Our focus for this week has been on “Design”. During the past seven days, I have focused on the “Design” activities as illustrated below:

The Daily Create
Each Daily Create item is listed below in three lines. The first line indicates the date, TDC number, and link to the image that I submitted to Flickr. The second line is the prompt that was used on TDC blog site to initiate the task. The third line displays my caption in the Italics font within [square brackets]. I hope other DS106 participants might consider adding captions to their images. Furthermore, I encourage readers to use the Comments area to submit your caption suggestions, by TDC #, for my photos.

  • Feb. 14 – TDC36 -“‘That’s the last straw!”
    “Take a photo of a food being served or eaten in an unconventional way.”
    [“I’m sorry Madame … the 1811 Château d’Yquem does not come with a straw.”]
  • Feb. 15 – TDC37 – Three Sixes ???
    “Take a photograph of a toy in action.”
    [“C’mon …three sixes … I only need 600 more points to win at Farkle.”]
  • Feb. 16 – TDC38 – “21 … and it’s all downhill
    Take a photo of an object that represents how old you feel.”
    [Life may be at uphill battle but skiing is all downhill! ]
  • Feb. 17 – TDC39 – “Cool Bird
    “Take a photo of a bird today.”
    [This cool weather is “for the birds!”]
  • Feb. 18 – TDC40 – “California Dreamin'”
    “Take a photo of someone else’s artwork in an interesting way to make it yours”.
    [“They say … it never rains in Southern California  …” ]
  • Feb. 19 – TDC41 – “My Best Friend
    “Take a photo of your most prized possession”.
    [“You can’t be ‘two tired’ to continue … it’s all downhill from here!”]
  • Feb. 20 – TDC42 – “Tools of the Trade
    “Take a photo that represents your current job, or a job that you once had.”
    [“Looks like I pull another all-nighter to get ready for tomorrow’s workshop!”]

Design Assignments
During Week #5, participants were encouraged to complete assignments under the “Design Assignment” category. In that each assignment has been given a rating from 1 to 5 stars, participants were asked to complete a minimum of 15 stars during the week.

Here’s an outline of the assignments that I have submitted. Entries beginning with “DS106” have a link to the actual assignment on the DS106 blog. Entries beginning with a date have links to my created blog post that were submitted for credit based on the difficulty level indicated by the number of stars.

In addition to completing assignments, I did my best to provide feedback to my fellow DS106 participants through comments to their blog posts, Flickr feedback on “Daily Create” images, as well as communication using Twitter.

In brief, this week presented more challenges, more discoveries, more creativity, and more learning!

Take care & keep smiling 🙂

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