“Sharing Is Caring” – A story worth re-telling!

Although this tale has already been documented in my earlier posts, this powerful, inspirational story needs to be regularly shared with educators and their students.

Alan Levine (aka @cogdog) has challenged DS106 and ETMOOC participants to share “True Stories of Open Sharing … examples of times when there was an unexpected positive outcome after sharing something openly online.”

My inspiring story starts with a serendipitous visit to 10-year old Laura Stockman’s blog entitled “25 Days to Make a Difference”. Through a blog post, I shared Laura’s passionate quest “to make the world a little better”. In turn, two amazing educators Chris Harbeck (of Winnipeg, Manitoba) and Karl Fisch (of Centennial, Colorado) challenged their students to contribute funds in December to be shared with different charities. I have tried to capture this story of concern, caring, and connection in the following “Sharing Is Caring” YouTube video:


I have included resource slides at the end of this video which list the 10 respective Internet addresses of important components of this inspirational story. However, I am also including them below, as active hyperlinks, to make it easier for readers to examine this story in depth:

I encourage educators to bookmark this video and review it each November so that you and your students can consider making your difference in December.

Take care & keep smiling 🙂

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7 Responses to “Sharing Is Caring” – A story worth re-telling!

  1. Al says:

    Sometimes we don’t realize how big an impact we can have with our little actions. One young girl’s quest for doing something to remember her loved grandfather sure has triggered a lot of good activity, very nice story, thanks for telling it


  2. admin says:

    Thanks for the comment Al. I know that inspiring endeavours, such as Laura’s, have always occurred in past. However, through blogging and Internet connectivity such actions have an opportunity to gain much more exposure and such “good deeds” can be acted upon and blossom into amazing adventures in goodness. I believe, like you, that Laura’s grandpa would be so proud of her accomplishments.

    Take care & keep smiling 🙂 Brian

  3. Angela Stockman says:

    Oh, Brian. I don’t even know what to say here, other than thank you. Not for recognizing her, but for continuing to share her project with others who might be inspired enough to replicate it or do something even better because of her example. I’ll wait for Laura to get home from school to say more–this was and remains her work, after all. I try not to say much about it as a result. But as a parent, I’m grateful to you for doing something meaningful with this and for showing her that she truly can do (and write) real things for real people who might be inspired by them. This warmed my heart on a very cold day.

  4. admin says:

    Thanks Angela for your very kind words. As Laura’s Mom, I want to commend you for sharing Laura’s original inspirational Christmas endeavour through a blog format. As an educator and parent, I admire your willingness to help create and maintain a blog to share Laura’s “25 Days” message. Undoubtedly Laura’s charity challenge is “a gift that keeps on giving”. I only wish more students could witness the positive digital footprint that Laura has created and maintains. Undoubtedly through your family’s support, Laura better appreciates the influential power of her words and the ability that she has “to make the world a better place”.

    Take care & keep smiling 🙂 Brian

  5. Hi Mr. Metcalfe!
    When I was younger, I never understood how much of an impact I was making on people around the world. However, now that I’m older, I notice how big 25 days really was, and how it’s still affecting people, even though I stopped blogging there a while ago.
    I really appreciate how much feedback I’m still getting, and I’m thankful for people like you, who still encourage me to make a difference.

  6. admin says:

    Hi Laura … Thanks for taking the time to reply. I know how busy students are today. As I get older, I realize just how important it is that I tell people immediately when I think they are doing a “good job”. It matters little whether it is a waitress at a restaurant, the paperboy/girl, a mechanic that works on my car, or an inspiring youngster who wants to make a small difference in the world. True, when you were 10 years old you did not realize the importance of sharing your message in your “25 Days to Make a Difference” post. Today I’m sure you better realize just how you can influence others through your writing and your caring nature.

    On behalf of all those individuals world-wide that have benefited in some manner through your actions or donations that you have inspired, I want to thank you. Undoubtedly, “Laura’s legacy” of caring and sharing is one from which we can all benefit.

    Take care & keep smiling 🙂 Brian

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