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Teacher Feature #43 – Life & Photography

In education, like most professions, there are good days and bad days. Having worked closely with educators for more than forty years, I have observed the following … Although we may have a series of good days or inspiring situations, … Continue reading

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DS106 Tasks: You Snooze – You Lose!

I’m having fun learning how to create animated GIFs with frames extracted from digital video. In fact, with practice, and the support and feedback of my DS106 learning community, I think I am getting better! I created this animated GIF … Continue reading

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Get Animated in the New Year

Creating animated GIFs can be an engaging educational exercise. Students can be challenged to use a computer to draw a series of related, progressive images that, when blended together, create animation. Background Twenty-five years ago the Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) … Continue reading

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