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Photos, Passion, and Pedagogy

This past summer I attended a funeral. When one reaches their retirement years, it seems only natural to attend more funerals of friends and loved-ones. However, as friends of his grandparents, my wife and I attended the funeral of a … Continue reading

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Teacher Feature #30 – Focus on the Future

As the Canadian school year officially draws to a close today, I thought I’d take time to reflect on the future. Teacher Feature #30 – Yogi Berra – June, 2013 To help readers understand my “future perspective”, I thought I’d … Continue reading

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Are eight-letter words twice as offensive?

What does one do when time is a critical factor and one is challenged to accomplish two different tasks in two different environments? Well … some might get uptight and vent their frustration, by swearing, using profane, “four-letter words”. In … Continue reading

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Comment Characteristics & Communications

Comment Characteristics It as been stated that readers who only read the individual blog posts and fail to peruse the corresponding comments are missing out on many valuable learning opportunities. This is particularly true for those reading blogs where the … Continue reading

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