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Teacher Feature #37 – Video Viewpoints

How can we move students from being passive consumers to active producers? One way is to provide students with the opportunity to create videos. Students, that I have worked with, are eager to demonstrate their creativity through digital storytelling and … Continue reading

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I’m “standing on the shoulders of giants”.

Over the past two years, I have been inspired by the creative activities, sharing, and reflective feedback of members of an important learning community. Digital Storytelling (or DS106) is a free, open online course hosted at the University of Mary … Continue reading

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Learning – Motivated by MOOC Madness

I believe in serendipitous learning. For those educators who are connected online, or consider themselves to be part of a professional learning network or  PLN, such learning opportunities present themselves with regular frequency. Readers who have followed my blog for … Continue reading

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“Four Icon Challenge” & Feedback

Two posts will be published today. They represent two different “storytelling” activities that can be used to engage your K-12 students. This first activity is known by DS106 students, as the “Four Icon Challenge” or the “One Story – Four … Continue reading

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DS106 will make my learning transparent!

The purpose of this post is to advise my readers of an important writing style transition in some of my upcoming blog posts. In past, I have struggled “behind the scenes” drafting, editing, and proof-reading each blog post before I … Continue reading

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DS106 – My new learning adventure!

Today, I embark on a new learning adventure. I have signed up for the free, 15 week online course known as Digital Storytelling 106 or more affectionately referred to as “DS106”. Up until two weeks ago, “DS106”, for me, was … Continue reading

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Remembrance Day – A time for reflection

“What was one of your most unforgettable experiences?” This was a question that my colleague and I asked of all participants in our first digital storytelling workshop. Not only was I tasked with instructing both students and staff in the … Continue reading

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Viral Video Victory for LwICT

I admire a well-crafted digital story. I admire one even more, when the message can be used to instruct or motivate K-12 students. Imagine my delight to recently view a YouTube video entitled, “Digital Citizenship – Who Will You Be?” … Continue reading

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Xtranormal – A Movie With A Message

Wow … have I been having fun! I was actively engaged in learning as I explored Xtranormal, a web 2.0 video-creation tool, which students and staff will find fascinating! Unleash your creativity by picking a setting, characters, and begin typing … Continue reading

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Digital Storytelling – A Flexible Rubric-Template

It’s a fact. Digital storytelling engages students. It matters little if one chooses to use freeware applications which are tied to a computer’s operating system such as iMovie (Macintosh) or Photo Story 3 (Windows) or a web 2.0 application such … Continue reading

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