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Are eight-letter words twice as offensive?

What does one do when time is a critical factor and one is challenged to accomplish two different tasks in two different environments? Well … some might get uptight and vent their frustration, by swearing, using profane, “four-letter words”. In … Continue reading

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ETMOOC – Who is Brian Metcalfe?

The Educational Technology and Media MOOC has invited all participants to introduce themselves by stating: We would like you to introduce yourself to #etmooc. Declaring your identity, through letting us know a bit about who you are, will help participants … Continue reading

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Get Animated in the New Year

Creating animated GIFs can be an engaging educational exercise. Students can be challenged to use a computer to draw a series of related, progressive images that, when blended together, create animation. Background Twenty-five years ago the Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) … Continue reading

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Teacher Feature #24 – Three Little Words

Technology empowers students. Certainly this brief sentence contains three important words. However, when creating this month’s “Teacher Feature”, I remembered “three little words” that will help reduce teacher stress while empowering students. It is recommended that teachers start responding to … Continue reading

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Jess McCulloch: Poetry, Pedagogy and Passion

Jess McCulloch is an innovative educator from Melbourne Australia. Through her creative Rhyming for Teacher Learning endeavour, Jess used crowd-funding to help raise travel funding to attend this past summer’s UnPlug’d educational summit in Ontario’s Algonquin Provincial Park. [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DdOCrFFZd4] I … Continue reading

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“Four Icon Challenge” & Feedback

Two posts will be published today. They represent two different “storytelling” activities that can be used to engage your K-12 students. This first activity is known by DS106 students, as the “Four Icon Challenge” or the “One Story – Four … Continue reading

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‘DS106: Thanks for the Memories’ Video

My first DS106 video assignment is a “Digital Story Compilation” in which I was challenged to “Create a video compilation of some of your favorite things you’ve made in ds106”. I titled it “DS106: Thanks for the Memories” because while … Continue reading

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ManACE TIN: A $5 P.D. Investment on Apr. 18

In today’s economy people are always looking to invest wisely. This same strategy applies equally to K-12 teachers who must get the best possible return on their educational investments. In other words, if you invest some of your time, talent, … Continue reading

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Blog Balance and “Bridge of the River Kwai”

Background and Balance As I write today’s analysis of certain scenes in a favourite movie, I am worrying about “blog balance”. This is a condition that I continue to wrestle with as I progress on my learning journey with the … Continue reading

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20 Questions & Answers About DS106

I have just completed the “Audio Assignments” section of my free online Digital Storytelling DS106 course and I have learned two very important facts. Having struggled through the creation of a 14 minute radio interview, I now have the utmost … Continue reading

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