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Educating With Technology: Changes for the Better

After 60 years in the classroom as a student, teacher, and K-12 Educational Technology Consultant, I have seen many changes. I maintain that the changes, particularly as they relate to the infusion of technology into K-12 classrooms, have improved the … Continue reading

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I’m “standing on the shoulders of giants”.

Over the past two years, I have been inspired by the creative activities, sharing, and reflective feedback of members of an important learning community. Digital Storytelling (or DS106) is a free, open online course hosted at the University of Mary … Continue reading

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Teacher Feature #24 – Three Little Words

Technology empowers students. Certainly this brief sentence contains three important words. However, when creating this month’s “Teacher Feature”, I remembered “three little words” that will help reduce teacher stress while empowering students. It is recommended that teachers start responding to … Continue reading

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Car Stereos, Connectivity and Teaching

My son sent me this thought-provoking illustration: It seems like only yesterday that I envied friends who had new car stereos similar to the top image. True, they could now play their favourite CD album while cruising in the car. … Continue reading

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Pay It Forward & The Power of a PLN

All educators need to belong to a Personal Learning Network (or PLN). I am so much richer because I am able to connect, either in person or online, with like-minded colleagues who so willingly share and/or provide constructive feedback. The … Continue reading

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Reflections on Gardner Campbell’s Ideas

The purpose of this post is two-fold. Although I am reflecting on both an article and a video by Gardner Campbell as part of my DS106 online course, I also want to introduce regular readers to the concept of a … Continue reading

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My PLN: A Teacher’s Treasure

My Personal Learning Network is the key to keeping me up-to-date with all the changes that are happening in education and how technology can best support and engage today’s students. As the current year draws to a close, I wanted … Continue reading

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K-12 Social Studies TeachMeet Connections

To survive in education today, teachers have to connect. Whether linkages are person-to-person or virtual (using the power of the Internet), those educators who can rely on the support of a Personal Learning Network (PLN) will be much more successful. … Continue reading

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UnPlug’d: Why Sharing Matters! *

The 37 innovative educators, who recently attended the UnPlug’d Canadian Educational Summit, were given a task. Each participant was challenged to identify one moment or idea, from his/her educational career, which was worthy to be shared in an online publication … Continue reading

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Clarence Fisher invests in students – Will you?

Clarence Fisher has a mission! He wants to help global kids connect. To do this, he has enlisted his personal learning network and followers to help contribute a total of $4oo by July 26th to the development of an education … Continue reading

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