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Hand Clapping: This ‘sounds’ like fun!

Why do we clap our hands? Clapping in many cultures is used to show support or gratitude. The following activity is one that will have your students clapping and competing. Students will be challenged, in this innovative educational endeavour, to … Continue reading

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Reflect, Review, and Rap

At this time of year, many educators are looking for review projects or activities that will really engage their students. In addition, many teachers know that using technology can help students review concepts in all subjects as well as meet … Continue reading

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Xtranormal – A Movie With A Message

Wow … have I been having fun! I was actively engaged in learning as I explored Xtranormal, a web 2.0 video-creation tool, which students and staff will find fascinating! Unleash your creativity by picking a setting, characters, and begin typing … Continue reading

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Palindrome Proclamation

Are you looking for a writing activity that engages grade 7-12 students? Would you like to introduce a mechanism which helps students demonstrate their ability to convey an idea through a very unique and creative way? True, you can always … Continue reading

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Digital Storytelling – A Flexible Rubric-Template

It’s a fact. Digital storytelling engages students. It matters little if one chooses to use freeware applications which are tied to a computer’s operating system such as iMovie (Macintosh) or Photo Story 3 (Windows) or a web 2.0 application such … Continue reading

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