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Problem Solving – A Matter of Perspective

Motivating students to solve problems has definitely changed over the past 40 years. When I first began teaching Mathematics, and in particular Geometry, to junior high students, I had a number of posters decorating my classroom. Of particular interest were … Continue reading

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Problem Solving: Where does the “F” go?

When problem solving in real life, one can often come up with more than one correct answer. However, when I first began teaching Mathematics in Grade 7 & 8, I know that I focused on instructing my students on how … Continue reading

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‘Excel’lent Maths Problem Solving Puzzles

When I taught middle years Mathematics, I found myself intrigued by the different ways students solved puzzles. Classic puzzles, such as the following problem, use letters to represent numbers which can be displayed as simple calculation problems in disguise. One … Continue reading

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