Teacher Feature #22 – Carving the Future

As Halloween fast approaches, many are busy carving jack-o-lanterns. However, for this month’s Teacher Feature, I thought it might be beneficial if educators reflected for a moment on how they influence and shape the future.

This month’s powerful educational quote comes from Vicki Davis whose creative ideas, resources and sharing are tied closely to her educational nickname of “Cool Cat Teacher”.

 Teacher Feature #22 – Vicki Davis – October, 2012

Vicki first caught my eye about five years ago when she co-created the “Flat Classroom Project”. I recommend that readers investigate Vicki’s resources on her “Cool Cat Teacher” Blog. Of particular interest will be her “Top 10 Posts” (found by scrolling down the right-hand column) and her “Freebies”.  To keep up-to-date on the latest ideas and innovations that Vicki shares, make sure you follow her on Twitter as (@coolcat teacher).

Thanks Vicki for sharing your inspiring quote, your wealth of resources, and your important reminder that … teaching is, indeed a noble calling.

Take care & keep smiling :-)

Larger Image: Brian Metcalfe’s Teacher Feature “photostream”

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